Hotel Torre Normanna, near Palermo, Sicily, Italy
September 18 - October 1, 2011

The goal of the school is to introduce the participants to modern methods and computational techniques in quantum chemistry.
Participants are assumed to have at least a basic knowledge of quantum mechanics and quantum chemistry
as represented, for example, by Molecular Quantum Mechanics, P. W. Atkins (Oxford University Press).

The registration fee is 1600€ for university participants and 5000€ for others. The price covers:
  -  food and lodging in single rooms, including welcome reception and farewell Sicilian dinner
  -  tuition fee (lectures/tutorials/discussions sessions)
  -  school material (including three text books)

The number of students is limited to 80. Your place is only guaranteed when we have received your registration fee.
The deadline for payment is June 15, 2011. We will maintain a limited waiting list.
For registration, click here. For more information, click here

Lecturers: Subjects:
Jürgen Gauss (Mainz)
Trygve Helgaker (Oslo)
Wim Klopper (Karlsruhe)
Per-Åke Malmqvist (Lund)
Frank Neese (Mülheim)
Jeppe Olsen (Aarhus)
Peter Taylor (Melbourne)
David Tozer (Durham)
Lucas Visscher (Amsterdam)
Basis Sets, Integrals and SCF Methods
The Multiconfigurational Approach
Density Functional Theory
Coupled Cluster Theory
Molecular Properties
Relativistic Hamiltonians and Effective Core Potentials
Accurate Calculations and Calibration
Quantum Chemistry at work
Mathematical Tools in Quantum Chemistry
Second Quantization

All lecturers participate in the tutorial sessions, together with
Radovan Bast (Tromsø)
Valera Veryazov (Lund)
Per-Olof Widmark (Lund)

Local Organizing Committee
Giampalo Barone
Fabrizio Lo Celso

Directed by
Trond Saue (Toulouse)

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For questions mail Trond Saue